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Get to Know Restore… 



The Restore Experience is a Custom Curated Private Retreat Company

The Restore Experience is 100% all about you… and what you need to restore.



Restore provides a unique high touch and extremely personalized immersive experience. It is full of luxury and comfort… and provides peace and vitality. You will find also find specific techniques, insights and surprises specifically geared for you into how to live a restored life… all while keeping stress levels low amidst today’s accelerated pace of life.

It is a joy to experience this reboot of your life.  





Rest, Relax and Restore 





To provide peace and restoration to the woman
who needs support in living a restored life.



The Restore Experience is based on human potential, spaciousness, heart, dreams, intuition, wisdom, presence, awareness, allowance and much more. 






Mystery, intrigue, curiosity, exploration,
 nurturing, peaceful, calming
reinvention and restoration. 







Robin Chellis is the Founder and CEO of The Restore Experience. Robin has been in deep research for over two decades on how to simplify life, nourish self, restore the spirit, and bring peace within. Along with her own transformation from “depleted to restored”, her work has helped thousands of people feel empowered, inspired and peaceful… bringing freedom, flow, and fulfillment into their life with ease.

For over 20 years Robin has worked as a consultant, mentor, master healer, spiritual teacher, life & wellness guide, Creatively Fit™ Coach, speaker and artist to global clientele. She is a best selling contributing author, plus a wife and mom to two high energy boys. Robin has studied under top energetic healers and has been certified in a variety of natural healing modalities, as well as bringing forth her own energetic modality of Light Code Healing™ and energetic art of Auroric Facets™. Robin has also studied several other techniques, including meditation, wellness, empowerment, human potential, herbs, diet, nutrition, kinesiology, manifestation, mindset, movement, dance, essential oils, art, and writing. 

She has curated retreats, run a variety of workshops and classes, created 100’s of audios and several online programs, been a top speaker for a global healing telesummit, and consulted for holistic healing and energetics… working with thousands of very satisfied clients. Her mentoring, facilitation and healing work has provided deep powerful transformation, helping clients to feel empowered, inspired and peaceful while bringing flow and restoration into their life with ease.



While delivering exceptional client care and impactful results, Robin started to feel depleted and unsatisfied. People pleasing, perfectionism and a drive to succeed, drove her to surpass every goal and meet every demand. Which resulted in working more and more, but that pace & level of productivity was not sustainable… it came with personal sacrifices to her quality of life, as well as lost time with her family.
As she continued to push through and deliver on the constant expectations it became clear that her body was starting to suffer… and her soul was sending the message that something needed to shift, and shift quickly. Robin realized that the way she was doing things was leading to extreme burnout… and she wasn’t willing to sacrifice anything else in the pursuit of success.
Even though Robin was achieving success in terms of how the online entrepreneur world defined it, she decided it was time to create a new definition of success. As well as get super clear on what she truly wanted at that point in her life, and pursue that by listening 100% to what her soul was inviting her to. Doing this shifted several things in her life, including her career path, in amazing ways. The shift from feeling depleted and overwhelmed to feeling peace and vitality was truly transformative.  
‘There is only one success… to be able to spend your life in your own way’ – Christopher Morley



In order to recover from depletion, overwhelm and burnout Robin connected within and listened to the whispers of her soul to simplify and create space in her life for restoration. This not only led to restoration of peace and vitality, but also allowed space for something special to come through. As a result her dream business flowed out easily and she was able to build something that utilized all her gifts and experience, plus gave her the freedom and fulfillment that she desired.

The Restore Experience (AKA Restore) was created as a result of her experiences and her own personal journey. It is transformative and empowering. It brings peace, luxury, ease, personalized attention and restoration. It opens up space to discover a deeper aspect of you and tap into your fullest self. And so much more.

Creating space in your life is an antidote for overwhelm. You have this one life to live here on planet earth and Restore invites you to live it now. Fill your cup first to overflowing, assess your personal beliefs, find what you truly want with your life, and enjoy it. You can only serve and help others fully if you yourself are nourished. When you are restored you will be peaceful and vital no matter what comes your way. Restore supports you to maintain a stability of wellness in the midst of this high paced world. 

Nourish and restore to live life to the fullest. 



Hi, I’m Robin Chellis, CEO and founder of The Restore Experience… a unique custom curated private luxury retreat for the woman who wants to be restored. It is a high touch bespoke restoration experience for the woman who either feels depleted, overwhelmed and burned out, or is on the edge of it. Restore is a very personalized one-on-one immersive experience that provides a space for you to be nourished and supported to bring you back to feeling alive, peaceful and restored. It is extremely personal and transformative. It opens up profound levels of peace, healing and grounding… designed to deeply support your body and open up new levels of aliveness. 

With today’s fast pace of life more and more women are finding themselves to be overwhelmed, stressed, burned out and depleted leaving them feeling tired and unfulfilled. Often they are functioning under a definition of success that is outdated and generally not sustainable. I myself have had to recover from depletion and burnout and find ways to live a fulfilling restored life that provides space for freedom and empowerment. My clients find themselves feeling not only depleted, but often also have a combination of striving, hustle, pressure, overworking, extreme drive, high expectations, seeking, being hard on themselves, perfectionism, people pleasing, busyness and control issues in a high demand lifestyle. This might all come with a level of shame or guilt around needing to do more… which they may, or may not, be aware of. Either way they know they are ready for something different… and ready to find restoration and peace in order to reset and reboot their life. 

If you long to live another way, to find space to connect to yourself… and are ready to truly tap into the desires of your heart, soul and body, and express those inner most desires to bring peace, empowerment, vitality and renewal, your journey starts here. Restore is about freedom and fulfillment… about coming back to yourself and the way of being that feels good to you and works for you… and honoring yourself enough to allow that. 

Living a restored life begins with The Restore Experience. This is an experience that supports you in all areas of your life.

Robin Chellis, CEO and Founder of The Restore Experience

Robin embodies Restore. She is the authority on restoration, and the person to restore women to a new way of doing things… known for the personal touch that brings amazing results. Restore is the best investment ever made, and is the must have experience for going forward in today’s world (to create vitality, freedom and restoration). 


relax in your own unique private luxury immersive retreat designed and curated specifically for you,
while lowering stress and providing peace… and so much more. 

“Open your eyes, look within. Are you satisfied with the life you’re living?” – Bob Marley





re·treat, rəˈtrēt

-  a quiet or secluded place in which one can rest and relax

– a space to leave the obligations and demands behind to meet yourself where you are

- a place affording peace and quiet where one can restore