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The Restore Experience

restore yourself from stress and overwhelm into peace and vitality

For the woman who needs to restore

re·store, rəˈstôr/

- to gain back something that was lost or taken.

- the act of restoring; renewal, revival, or reestablishment.

- to bring back to a state of health, soundness, or vitality.

The Restore Experience

To provide restoration and peace. To bring spaciousness.
The space to be able to breath, move, dance, grow, process, integrate, transition and thrive. You will feel completely grounded in a place of presence, peace, power and vitality.
The Restoration Experience will meet you where you are to bring conscious awareness, then release, then transformation… as you restore, renew and reawaken your inner power and your most alive self.

A Bespoke retreat to nourish you

You might be a Type A woman who’s been striving and hustling, or a busy entrepreneur who just had a big launch, or a hectic mamma with days filled with one thing after another, or even a perfectionist who has a hard time saying no… either way you are a woman who is stressed and burnt-out. You’ve reached a point where your emotional, physical and mental health need to be restored. If you feel like you are saying, “I can’t carry on like this; what I’m doing no longer works for me”…
this is your solution.

A peaceful haven for the Woman who wants to feel alive again

You feel depleted, burnt-out and overwhelmed.

This is an invitation into a nourishing experience to bring you back to life.

Your invitation into heart, dreams, intuition and wisdom. 

Into depth, expansion and peace.

Connect within to discover who you really are… and tap into your fullest self. 

Peace is on the other side of striving, pressure, expectations, perfectionism and busyness. 

Experience restoration and find a subtle yet powerful space inside you.  

This is the space inside you… where you are the most alive.

A custom retreat tailored just for you…

This is a private custom deep dive retreat experience designed just for you and your needs. It’s all done specifically for YOU… and you alone. Here you will be provided with the perfect items to support your restore experience. Imagine a custom menu of healing options, activities and gifts curated specifically for you that help the stress to drain away. 

Your personal restoration experience.

A curated location based on your needs

An exclusive retreat at a custom locale based on your personal needs. Imagine a mountain setting, a cabin on a lake, a lush forest, or possibly the sand and sea. This private setting will allow you to breathe and open to restoration… and open to your inner self. This space will allow you to rest and connect to a deeper space within. Imagine feeling alive and restoring peace with a renewed connection to your dreams and desires. 

Space is an antidote for overwhelm. 

A space to rest and reset

You are running around, taking care of everything and everyone, running your business, worrying too much, working hard, feeling an underlying irritation… and the way you are doing things no longer feels good. You long for something else… for spaciousness to rest, relax, recover and reset. You long for another way of living life. You have tried everything else and now you are ready for change. 

Release and rediscover. 

A release from the burden of modern day life

Experience a luxurious custom retreat designed to tune out the noise of the busy world. A place that creates space for inner connection… a place to fill the longing for peace. You don’t have to figure anything out… no duties, obligations or demands. Imagine a place where you don’t have to worry about things like social media, status, or doing things the right way… instead a place where you meet yourself. Nothing to do except be. 

Come alive and experience vitality.

Your unique Restoration Experience

The whole experience is curated with YOU in mind to bring restoration. Imagine watching a sunset while eating a delicious meal, or rocking in a chair on a porch overlooking the ocean, or waking up refreshed and peaceful after a day of healing … along with a whole array of nurturing surprises sprinkled throughout your experience that intrigue and delight your senses. This is not a spa experience… it’s so much more. It is a deep dive specifically designed for you to reset. Imagine returning home after receiving an experience that reboots your entire life. 

Restored and renewed.

Experience it and feel alive

As you allow yourself the space to nourish and transform yourself into your own unique dreams, power, potential and love… that is the place you will find the most alive YOU. 

Transition and transform

Shift from a stressful, striving, high-demand lifestyle into one of peace, play, and ease… doing things a different way. Relax into exploring, expressing and enjoying. The Restore Experience is your place to pause, wonder and breathe in new possibilities, seeing things in a new light and bringing in much needed serenity. 

The Restore Experience will support you in all this, and more.

You’re Invited

to immerse yourself in this high touch space designed to restore and nourish you in all ways. 

The Restore Experience 

Ask yourself

Answer these simple questions to find out if The Restore Experience is right for you…

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