Robin Chellis 

Energy Intuitive & Life Coach

Transformation and Support for Women

An Invitation To


A playground into a deeper connection…
into your truth, into your love & into your light
to create a peaceful, nourished and fulfilled life
where you explore, journey, create and know YOU.


What creates the biggest transformation is for you

to know who you are.

That is where your potency lies.


This is your invitation to receive
deep and powerful work

Energy work activates shifts within your physical, energetic, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies… initiating openings and creating sacred space for you to expand and heal on a soul level. With this work I am able to guide you to a new space of alignment and to deeply support your body to facilitate and clear trauma and stress, and lower the effects of daily life demands.

This work activates your soul light and your power, awakens your deepest truth, and provides profound levels of peace, presence and love… allowing you to become the CEO (creative energetic operative) of your life. 

Everything you want is within YOU… trust and surrender into your presence. Beyond the doubt and fear is the space of potency. As you allow yourself to transform, transition and reinvent yourself into your own unique dreams, potential and love… that is the place you will find the most alive YOU. 

This is the space that lives inside you
where you will feel completely grounded
in a place of presence, peace and power.

Drop in and listen… and find your true YOU.

Beyond teaching and coaching,
this is transformation into the
art of being the CEO of your life.

The playground is a high touch immersion experience.
Acceptance by invite only after next step.
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