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If you are looking to elevate your walls with vibrant art that sparks joy you've come to the right place. Experience the power of bold colors to brighten your space and lift your spirits. Welcome to a world of art that radiates joy and warmth, turning walls into canvases of happiness.

Meet the Artist

Art captured my heart during my school years when I encountered an artist at a local county fair. His ability to swiftly capture the essence of people left me intrigued and inspired. Beyond techniques, he instilled in me the belief that art could be created by anyone with dedication. This ignited my artistic passion.

I pursued this passion at Seattle Pacific University, where I received an art scholarship and earned a BA in Visual Arts. Exploring various mediums, particularly pastels, laid my creative foundation. After college, I navigated multiple auto-immune conditions that significantly impacted my quality of life.

Amidst health challenges, parenthood, and life's unpredictability, I found solace in the therapeutic power of art. Reconnecting with the joy of creation alongside life's demands, I embraced art as a healing avenue.

As I regained my health, I also delved into life and creativity coaching, continuing to create art while assisting others. Balancing art with raising my kids and prioritizing health, I explored various mediums and participated in local shows. A deep yearning to create persisted, leading me to return to pursuing art full-time, favoring abstract art.

In a challenging world, art's transformative potential became clear. My work, spanning traditional to digital mediums, mirrors life's cycles through abstraction, texture, and composition, capturing meaningful moments. Creating art releases stress as I'm immersed in the joy of the creative process. Abstract pieces free me to express myself and embrace curiosity.

Guided by color, nature, and human experiences, abstraction allows me to break free from conventional constraints while using shapes, marks, and hues that invites the viewer to stand back and uncover everything within. From soft, single colors to vibrant variations, each piece mirrors life's diverse shades, much like our own experiences.

This journey has shaped me into an artist thriving within abstraction. This style encapsulates my self-expression, offering solace and delight to both myself and the viewer. The grace of life and nature informs every brushstroke, providing a respite from life's demands. Today, my Seattle home studio is a sanctuary for this ever-evolving passion, woven with self-discovery, resilience, and a profound connection to the world around me.

I aspire to uplift and bring joy through my art. Amid life's ebb and flow, art remains a constant companion, inviting others to its brightness. I'm grateful to create art that resonates positively with others. Hearing that my art brightens their day brings me happiness. For leisure, I cherish family time, soaking up nature's beauty, and walks with my husband and dogs.

Artist Statement

What started as a way to get my thoughts and inspirations out of my head quickly became a passion to create art in different forms.

There may be paper or canvas, paint and a paintbrush or some type of mark maker, a pen or pencil, needle & thread, digital tool... or some other medium, but ultimately they all bring out expressions that represent to me a part of daily life.

My art isn't a mere imitation of reality, instead I seek to capture moments of life... that generally come out in an abstract way through color and composition. I am fascinated by color, nature, shapes and human experiences. My work is a response to all that and more.

My art, a visual poetry portfolio, is inspired by nature and real life experiences. Each painting explores the journey of life through the use of materials, color, textures, and abstraction. It can be black and white, grey, or a spectrum of colors... just like life. It includes the blooming, withering, opening, closing, expanding, shrinking, and everything in between.

I hope my art brings a touch of curiosity, inspiration, beauty and brightness to your day.


Art with Heart: Brightening Spaces, Enhancing Well-being

In a world full of choices, my art goes beyond mere visuals. Each piece is not just about beautifying spaces but also nurturing well-being. Through evoking feelings, memories, and adding comfort, my art aspires to be a daily touchstone of joy and health in your life, making each day brighter and more fulfilling.


Creating Abstract Art to Infuse Colorful Joy into Your Living and Work Spaces

To create vibrant art that brings forth joy and color into the spaces where you live and work, inviting you to embrace the beauty of life's diverse shades and experiences.

  • Joy

    Enriches lives with happiness, resilience, positivity, and boundless creativity. Nurturing mindfulness, to become a wellspring of inspiration for others, bolstering mental and physical well-being, leading to fulfilling and purposeful journeys.

  • Health

    Health's significance as a core value grew from my own battles. It's not just wellness, but resilience, gratitude, and triumph over adversity. My journey instilled valuing vitality, cherishing joys, and inspiring others' well-being.

  • Simplicity

    Enhances well-being, authenticity, and sustainability. By centering on what truly holds significance, it alleviates stress and uncovers the delight in life's uncomplicated pleasures. Fosters calm, contentment, and being present in life's moments.

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