Vibrant abstract paintings full of shapes and colors hanging on a wall and a vase of flowers sitting in front.

How to choose the right art for your home...

When selecting artwork for you and your spaces there are multiple things you might look at. These include feeling/connection, style, color, size/space and budget. Keep reading to find out more about each of these topics.

I think the connection and feeling to a piece can often be the most important piece in choosing art. The other elements can fall to the wayside if you have an instant connection to a piece and fall in love with it. If you know you want it for your collection you are likely going to get it and make it work with the space.

The more you look around at art the more you will understand what you like.

When you invest in art it is likely going to be around for a while so you want to make sure you are inspired by it.

If you are like me you might see something that you love and you know instantly you want it and it’s easy to put it into the cart (either online or in person).

Other times you may not be 100% sure, but you just can’t stop thinking about it. There is something drawing you towards it - that connection. I have found that if after a few days of thinking about it you know it's meant to be so make sure to purchase it before it’s gone.

You might also have a connection to:
  • the artist
  • the artist's story
  • to the title
  • to the story around the piece of art

      One or all of these things might resonate with you and pull you in.

      The biggest thing might be the feeling you get when you see a piece of art. The memory it reminds you of, or a feeling that you want more of in your life or in your space, or just that feeling that makes you feel good… one that uplifts and brightens your day or soothes you.

      Think about all of those things and then ask yourself these questions...
      • What do you want to feel when you see your piece of art?
      • What do you feel when you look at a piece you are thinking of purchasing?
      • Does it take your breath away, uplift you, make you happy, invoke peace and calm, does it make you want to sing?
      • What are you most drawn to?
      • Do you want a piece that invites curiosity and conversation? Art is often a conversation starter so you might want to find a work of art that inspires conversation. That conversation can be around the artist, the story of the artist or piece of work, the composition, the colors, the marks, the movement, the contrast and/or the texture.
      • Do you want your piece to have those elements in it for your viewing pleasure or do you want something simple?

        This leads into style.


        What style do you like? Remember the more you look at artwork the more you will start to recognize what you like and want for your spaces.

        There are lots of different styles (to name a few)
        • landscape
        • abstract
        • impressionism
        • portraiture
        • still life
        • floral
        • realism
        • or a combination of a few different styles listed above

          When you know what you like and are drawn to this will guide you as well to what to look at when looking to purchase art for your home.

          • Are you a collector of artwork? Style can include types of art commissions, originals and reproduction.
          • Do you want a unique one of a kind painting that you might be able to have a bit of input on? Likely that would mean you would commission a piece of artwork with some specifications of color, size and feeling.
          • Or you might be someone who only wants to buy something that is original.
          • And then there are reproductions, which are more budget friendly and still a good way to get a beautiful piece of artwork for your home.

          Let's move onto color.

          • What colors do you like?
          • Do you like neutrals or bright bold colors?
          • What colors are you most drawn to?
            This can come down to personal choice, decor choice and/or that feeling you get when you look at a piece of art.
            • Do you want something that bring pops of color for your bare or neutral walls?
            • Or something with a soothing palette that brings peace and calm?

            It only takes a little color to make a big impact on your wall with your art. You just need to decide what feeling and colors will enrich your space.

            I will be talking about this more as I love color and find it deeply inspiring. Color and color palette can make a huge difference in your life and on your walls.


            Size plays into purchasing art because it depends on the space you have available in your home or office.

            Look at the space you are looking for artwork for and see how big it is.
            • Do you need something small
            • Or do you want something big?

              Artwork ranges in a variety of sizes and if you know what size you need that can help you narrow things down.

              A little more about style as it relates to the space you are putting your artwork in…
              • Do you want something that provides a little respite, calm or peace? This can be provided in either the composition or the color… or both.
              • If you need something that is more peaceful make sure to look for a piece of art that has bigger blocks of space where your eye can rest and pause for a moment.
              • If you have a piece that is very busy and full of energy it might be hard for you to feel peaceful.
              • A piece that is bold with lots energy and movement might be exactly what you need.
              • If you have an office space that needs a bit more vibrancy to motivate and keep you awake a painting with lots of movement might be what you are looking for.

                Note: If you like the style of work I create then work with me… I offer commissions. I can help you and create a piece that fits the size and color you are looking for. I would love to create a piece just for you! To get started send me a direct message on Instagram or an email to robin @

                And finally it's good to know your budget.


                Do you have one?

                Art pricing varies from low to high. But know that you can generally find something regardless of what your budget is.

                Smaller size paintings, either on canvas or paper, often have a lower price point and are a good way to start your art collection if your budget is on the lower end.

                And reproductions can often be purchased for $125 or less - depending on the size and the artist. Original and commissioned art are higher, but vary depending on size and artist.

                There is a lot of beautiful art that can be purchased for a lower budget and when you find an artist you like make sure to see if they offer reproductions. Reproductions are a nice way to get started with collecting art if your budget is an issue.

                Often pricing does not include the frame, but frames can be easy to find these days... either online or in department stores.

                I have another post on Framing. If framing is something keeping you from purchasing art I encourage you to take a few minutes and glance at the Framing post.

                Hope this helped you with choosing artwork for you and your home.

                Studio Note: I occasionally offer reproductions of my original paintings in the form of gicleé fine art prints at a more affordable price. Check out my shop... if you see an original painting you love, but it's not in your budget contact me to inquiry about size and prices on a reproduction of the piece you love. 

                Artwork © Robin Chellis Art
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