Artist Statement

What started as a way to get my thoughts and inspirations out of my head quickly became a passion to create art in different forms.

There may be paper or canvas, paint and a paintbrush or some type of mark maker, a pen or pencil, needle & thread, digital tool... or some other medium, but ultimately they all bring out expressions that represent to me a part of daily life.

My art isn't a mere imitation of reality, instead I seek to capture moments of life... that generally come out in an abstract way through color and composition. I am fascinated by color, nature, shapes and human experiences. My work is a response to all that and more.

My art, a visual poetry portfolio, is inspired by nature and real life experiences. Each painting explores the journey of life through the use of materials, color, textures, and abstraction. It can be black and white, grey, or a spectrum of colors... just like life. It includes the blooming, withering, opening, closing, expanding, shrinking, and everything in between.

I hope my art brings a touch of curiosity, inspiration, beauty and brightness to your day.

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